First Communion Day


Easter dinner theatre

Hej Hej!

Every Easter we get a little bit Swedish with a visit to the local Swedish bakery for semla. Semla is a small wheat/flour bun flavoured with cardamon and filled with almond paste and whipped cream. Semla is a tradition which Swedes generally observe each Tuesday during Lent beginning with Shrove Tuesday and followed through until Easter. While we have no blood-ties to Sweden our hearts are filled with Swedish friends, stories and IKEA, which translates into common sense.


playing by the rules

“Wait!  Before we play we have to pick the rules.  I’ll let you pick: rule one, two or three.”

Elizabeth, 7

“Look Mom!  James and I are playing, Beauty Shop, and I’m cleaning his hair; so, you won’t have to clean him anymore, you can just lie down and watch movies because I know you never get to.”

DSC_0462 (1)

All Good Pups

James had me stop cleaning the floor this morning by making a bed on the couch loaded with pillows, blankets, and stuffed puppies.  He loves dogs.

“Here, Mommy.  I made a bed for you.  You need to lie down.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet, James, thank you.”

“Lie down now.  Lie down right here,’ he said, patting the pillow end of the couch, ‘Put the blanket on you.”

“Ok.  Like this?”  I pulled the blanket up over my shoulders and rested my head on the pillow.

“Now hold this,’ he handed me one stuffed puppy.  “And this,’ another stuffed puppy.

He turned around and said, “And have this one,’ another stuffed puppy was put on my face.

“Now, close your eyes.  Close your eyes, Mommy!”

“OK, ok, sorry.  My eyes are closed.” I shut them tight.

“You have to sleep now.”

“Ok, this is a nice game.”

“Eyes closed?  Now snore.”