Manners & Security


At 7, Emma took her first airplane ride. She was ushered through the security checkpoints after we received our boarding tickets, passports in hand. I told her to put her little carry-on bag into the plastic bin.


“Because, it has to go through the security screening,” I explained.

The woman, a customs official, backed me up and told her, “We just run it down the line and the X-ray machine looks at everything inside your bag.”

Emma looked up at her, “Well, that’s rude.”

Puppy Toys

“Mom! Look! Daisy, chewed my favourite horse!”

James held a small plastic horse with its head chewed into an unrecognizable shredded mess.

“See, it’s ruined.”

“Oh, James, that is very upsetting. That dog is a little terror sometimes. We have to put our favourite things away and remind her where her chew toys are.”

“Ya, ’cause this was my favourite toy. I had a lot of great adventures with this little guy. We went to the farm, and to Grandma’s, and one time to Quebec,” his face frowns as he looks down at his hand. “I guess, we’ll have to go to the Mous-tang store to get a new Mous-tang horse.”

“Is there a Mous-tang store?”

“Well, where do you think it came from?”

Eco-changes III

Instead of driving to the gym to use the Elliptical machine, I went for a rollerblade along Lake Ontario. This is the place I finished for a cool-down stretch. Scenery much more beautiful than staring at the gym TV. Small changes which, in this case, is weather dependent.


Playing with James

James found me on the stairs.

“Oh, Mom, There you are I need to show you something.”


”It’s downstairs. I will show you but you have to come downstairs.”

”OK, I’m coming.”

”Ok, but first you have to close your eyes.”

I look down from the top of the stairs to his expectant face at the bottom.

“I don’t think I want to go down the stairs with my eyes closed, James.”

”OK, Mom. If you’re scared I can hold your hand.”

Eco-changes II

Turns out our dishwasher cleans our full-loaded and rinsed dishes just as well on the HalfLoad cycle as it does on the Regular cycle. Less water and energy used for a family of five. We are not perfect just working to do better.



I am very inspired by Swedish Eco-warrior, Greta Thunberg, and know that my children and grandchildren will eventually ask me what I did to help move away from massive fossil fuel consumption. Our baby steps can make a vast difference and although I am far from the perfect Eco-warrior I will do what I can to change certain habits in our home. Today, we start with these incredible durable bamboo straws 3 of which I carry easily in my bag/purse for those moments of convenience purchases.