And there have not been any posts until now?  How can that be?  Certainly, I must have had much time to write or have I?  Ellie you have grown so fast and delight me at every turn!  I have become absorbed in you and can barely take my eyes off your sweet face or close my ears to your joyful squeals.  You say, “ooooohh!” in so many different ways and we all mimic you to our best ability but you remain the star.  Each day you surpise and please me.  How fast you can grow!  I am still home with you and this morning we went to the gym where I met my friend, Sarah, for a yoga class.  You played in the childcare.  Everyone knows and adores you!  Just like Dadda, you smile at everybody or stand staring at those who stir your interest.  Today, I noticed your fine hairs standing straight to the sky.  You were drinking a bottle when I arrived to get you.  So happy and exhausted from your play.   Jenna, who was assisting you by holding the bottle – which by the way you are perfectly capable of handling on your own – said that you greeted and said goodbye to everyone who came through.  You even wave and say, “bye.”  Oh, you are so wonderful! 

PS. I told Sarah that you are walking around the house with your hand to your ear and babbling in your baby way.  It is so funny to see you imitate Dadda and me using the phone.

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