Your little friend, Theo

I love the way your little legs wobble as you run.  I took you to Ikea to see our friends, Maria and Theo, who you have known since birth.  Theo was born 3 weeks after you.  Your friendship began on a mat staring up at dangling ocean objects and the two of you would drool and coo the time away.  You love to go to Maria’s house because we start with a lengthy drive to Thornhill and when we get there you are amazed by the floor space and amount of new toys.  Also, Maria, always feeds you something new and you like eating with Theo.  The two of you are absolutely adorable together.  Yesterday, we met at Ikea and instantly you lit up when their cart pulled up next to ours.  You recognized them immediately!  We pushed you both around the store and while waiting for a custom order – for Maria in kitchens – we let you out of the carts only to watch you run together toward anything and everything.  Theo squeals like a little girl and his legs are just as wobbly as yours but you are now the same height.  We watched, laughing, as you ran together to explore the store.  It is moments like this that I cherish your age and want to freeze you in this time.  I wish I had had a video camera to capture your flight with Theo.  Too cute!  Sadly, we will not see much of Theo and Maria because Maria has to return to work next week.  We are sad that our weekly interactions will come to a minimum.  I wonder how long it will be before you notice?

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