Welcome Emma!

You are here!  I am so happy to see you.  You are love in my arms.  We were not sure you would arrive so it is with sweet relief that I snuggle with you.  From the moment I saw your face I was smitten.  Dadda held you near my right side but I had to wait until the surgery was finished and they were moving me out of the OR that I had the pleasure of holding you.  You wanted to be held the rest of our stay in the hospital and were a little fussy with Matt.  Elizabeth visited you that evening and she loved you without hesitation or jealousy.  She was also worried about Mamma’s “Owwwy Boo-boo” or simply, “Owwwy.”  She watched my nurse, Christine change my bandage from Dadda’s arms at the end of the bed in our private room at East General.  Elizabeth was very brave and excepting of the entire process of welcoming you, Emma, into the world.  I am so proud of her.  You are terribly lucky to have a big sister like Elizabeth and I am so excited to watch you grow together as best friends.  But, how different you are!  Emma with your mass of dark, and we believe curly, hair while Elizabeth was bald with faint blonde fuzz until 8 months.  Elizabeth was a mere 5.9 while you were born at a normal 7.6 and are now over 11.3.  It may be differences such as these that unite the two of you and make your relationship ever so sweet.  So much to learn and experience from each other!  Well, enough of the future because I just want to freeze today.

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