Sitting up but still toppling over

Emma is now close to 7 months.  I squeeze her baby legs, press my cheek tight to her baby cheeck, eat her baby toes and kiss the palm of her hand each and many times a day.  At night I look at her and think, “be a baby again tomorrow, Emma.”  She is such a darling and so anxious to keep up with her big sister.  Ellie is the only one who makes Emma giggle to the core of her baby tummy.  I love the way she watches, Elizabeth; with stars glowing in her eyes and two fists pressed to her wide-smiled face; Ellie dances, skips, hops, jumps and sings for her baby sister.  “Emma Baby,” she laughs.  Emma’s chubby legs kick away wanting to be play by her side.  It will be a wonderful day when she does but for now please just be a beautiful baby, Emma.

Elizabeth put this hat on Emma’s head which gave me such a laugh when I walked in the room. 

One Reply to “Sitting up but still toppling over”

  1. This is so sweet and touching!!! I love how you write!! It made feel a little sniffle too – I could relate to wanting to hang onto the baby-times. My last baby isn’t a baby anymore but a bonafide toddler oozing with attitude – but I know exactly what you mean – I can’t kiss his soft cheek and squeeze his little legs enough! And when he sleeps he still looks like a baby. It’s amazing how close “two of the same” siblings can be – isn’t it? I’m enjoying the dynamic

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