The 3 P’s

We are now the proud household of one potty-trained kid.  It has been months in the making but something clicked for Ellie at the Science Centre last week when she had a “stinky” while hanging out with some “big kids” who were on a school trip.  Since then, we have patiently watched her sit long periods on her little potty, chatting away, until she discovered that familiar tingly feeling.  Now she giggles in delight every time she is successful.  She enjoys tossing the contents down the toilet while flushing it away with a friendly, “bye.”  Along with the potty training were the lessons in privacy.  She is learning that a closed door means someone needs privacy.  The most memorable lesson, for all of us, was this past summer when Grandpa had gone into the washroom for a shower and was getting dressed for the day.  However, the old wooden door at the farm has slight cracks along it so that at a certain height it does not allow one privacy. Ellie was quick to discover this minor flaw when she pressed her nose to the door and announced that she could see one obvious thing on Grandpa that also starts with the letter P; and after all these months, she still needs to understand exactly what privacy means because when Emma and I knocked on her bedroom door this morning, she opened it by saying, “Hi! I’m having privacy.  Wanna come see?”

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