The Wissler Christening Gown

The christening gown you both wore was made by your great, great, great grandmother, Jane Roberston Wissler, in approximately 1850.

Jane Robertson (1826-1907) was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and in 1837 emigrated to Canada with her family.  In 1843, she married, Sem Wissler, (1819-1865), a Mennonite from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, who had moved to Canada with other family members and settled in the County of Waterloo.  Together, Sem and Jane Wissler founded the village of Salem (now part of Elora) operating businesses including a mill and tannery.  They had seven children.

Elizabeth and Emma are the sixth generation to wear this gown.  Here is a picture of Elizabeth’s christening day:

4 Replies to “The Wissler Christening Gown”

  1. I found this note about the christening gown of Jane Robertson Wissler quite by accident. I am wondering how you are descended from Sem Wissler. My great-grandfather was Levi Erb Wissler, one of their sons. Thank you.

    1. Hi Terry,
      What a wonderful surprise to hear from you. I believe you should speak with my mother who has much information on the Wissler family including a recent visit to the original homestead in Pennsylvania. Please feel free to leave your information and I will keep it private from the blog.

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