Where does she get these lines?

We are still working on Part Two of the potty training. Backend seems more complicated than the front so we wait patiently for Ellie to be ready and remind her that rewards will come her way once she is successful on the potty and is completely out of diapers. Last night she began to discuss her wish to use the potty for her “poo” as I sat next to her on the floor in the bathroom.

“That would be wonderful, Ellie! I think that is a great idea! If you poop in the potty that means you will get a big surprise from Daddy and me! Everyone will be so proud of you! You can do it! Are you going do it? Are you going to do it now? This is so exciting!”

She stood up and pressed her hands out toward me and said, “Now, now, settle down.”

4 Replies to “Where does she get these lines?”

  1. That’s where we are too. Pees in the toilet, but poops in the underwear. Each day I think today is the going to be the day he gets it! Because when you ask him, Where does the poop go, Dorian? he says, In the potty!

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