Instant gratification

This morning we were at the library and Ellie led Emma into the room they use for the Story Time class but it was empty as the Story Time is on Friday mornings.  I love watching the girls play together and exploring all the corners I would normally overlook.  They were occupied with some of the felt shapes that were in the boxes on the floor when a woman came in to sit quietly and wait for her upcoming Knitting Circle.  She pulled out the start of a new project on her needle along with the yarn and Elizabeth was immediately interested and walked straight to her.

“What’s that?”  She asked with bright eyes.

“I am going to make a sweater.  This will be a hem which runs along the bottom of the sweater like this,” she pulled on her sweater and Elizabeth seemed to understand.

“Oh.  Is it going to be a purple sweater?” 

“Yes, it is, that’s right.” 

“Well, purple is Daddy’s favourite colour.  His name is Matt.”

“Purple is a beautiful colour,’ she agreed. ‘I’m going to take this purple yarn and wind it around my needles to make the sweater just like this.”

Elizabeth watched her intently until she became distracted with her own singing and dancing and hopped away.  She entertained herself with various songs, jumps and dances for a good five minutes or more when she skipped back over to her new friend and asked:

“Is the sweater finished yet?”


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