4 Replies to “James Matthew Wissler Kavanagh”

  1. Well, congratulations! He looks like a very handsome boy. How much did he weigh? What is the provenance of his names…i.e. Wissler. I’ll look forward to your next post.

    Love, Ev

    1. Thank you, Evan. James looks much like Emma as a newborn so I suspect he will grow to be as handsome as his Dad. He has already put on a pound so as of today he is just over 8 lbs which is slightly more than his birth weight.
      We chose James because not only is it a family name but it’s always been a name we have liked very much and have a good association with it through friends. We also like Jamie so if he becomes a Jamie in his future that will be also be a good alternative.
      Well, the Matthew is obvious I would think…
      I chose to sneak the Wissler into his name as that is an ancestral name on my maternal side. I wrote a post some time ago about the Wissler Christening gown which the girls both wore and dates back 6 generations to Sem Wissler’s wife, Jane. As it is as far back as I can go back on my family tree – the Fulton side being much lost – I felt that I could revive this long lost name through my son.
      You’re right. This name needs its separate post!

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