Emma now says…


Oww, Stop it, Heavy, Hurt.

“Oww, Pillow heavy.”

She refers to the 19 year old boy across the street in relation to his mother and not by his name so she calls him, “Sandra’s boy.”  Alternatively, she calls our friend, Elle “Qwynn’s Mom.”  She refers to them by these names when discussing them or when talking directly to them.

Emma finally has a class of her own.  A music class!  She is no longer just tagging along to Ellie’s events but now has something of her very own and she takes great pride in her class.  Her favourite songs:  Sleeping Bunnies, Where is Thumbkin, and she loves the parachute they use in the class.

When at home she asks for Frozen songs on the iPod most of the time.  Anna has replaced Annie and although it is a refreshing switch; since there are only 3 songs she wants to listen to (Let it Go, Do you want to build a snowman and Happy Snowman) I have quickly grown quite tired of these songs as well.  Still, I never grow tired of watching Emma dance and sing around our house.

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