A morning reflection.

It is time for James to get his last MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) shot. The timing for his shot is interesting as there is a measles outbreak happening in both the US and Canada stirring up a debate between those that vaccinate and those that do not.  We are so incredibly fortunate to even have the debate in Canada of whether to vaccinate or not. We are the generation of those who have never seen the ravages of mumps, measles or polio and can live with relative ease on drugs such as insulin (thank you, Banting) to prolong and improve our quality of life. How spoiled those are to reject drugs that will protect and save their children from certain disease. I wonder, if those parents were placed with their vulnerable children in a country such as Liberia, would they not rush to get an Ebola vaccine if it were available? It is important to look into our collective past and delve into the various health crisis existing all over the world.  It was my mother’s generation that feared polio as children and were not permitted to beaches in the summer amongst a laundry list of other precautions.  I grew up hearing stories about our family friend, Dr. Jones who worked tirelessly with children afflicted with polio while treating his own daughter to the point of exhaustion to move her legs by way of different exercises to prevent her from becoming physically disabled when she was young.  We are also fortunate that we no longer send off our children to live indefinitely in Sanatoriums for fear of what are now preventable infectious diseases.  If those anti-vacciners were given the opportunity to speak with parent’s in impoverished countries, where vaccines are not paid for or readily available, they would realize how incredibly selfish and arrogant it is to argue against vaccinating their own children.

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