Pulling up Tulips

“Daddy! Daddy! You’re home! I’ve got something to tell you and you’re really going to want to spank Emma for this one.”
Elizabeth, 5 years old

One Reply to “Pulling up Tulips”

  1. Lesson next: “Nobody Likes a Snitch.” This is hilarious. It reminds me of when I went to the 5th grade at Hydrabad Public School in Hydrabad, India. It was 1967. The teachers there used willow switches to whack students who got out of line; this happened a lot. One day a student came in and presented our teacher, Mrs. Sam, with a new willow switch. He was very proud of his gift, thinking it may garner him some favor. Mrs. Sam, seeing through his ploy, promptly lashed his bare legs with the thing, causing him to jump and yelp. The rest of us found this very funny.

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