In Memoriam

Even if you survive 12 years with a brain tumour it is most certainly not long enough especially when there are small children to raise.  I’ve grieved the past week with a new and dear friend of mine, Sue who lost her husband and best friend of 20 years to the same brain tumour as Matt.  She, like her husband, Kris, are young (under 40) and have two small children who are friends with Ellie through an incredible facility called Gilda’s Club.  It is a hub for families and children who either have cancer or, who like Ellie, is a small victim when cancer strikes the family.  We take Ellie to Gilda’s weekly and she has gained much more of an understanding about tumours, radiation, chemotherapy, surgeries and now death than any small child should ever have to know.  Gilda’s has provided us a place of solace and has allowed us to know that we are most definitely not alone with such a frightening diagnosis.

Yesterday, Kris passed at home with Sue and his family around him.  We mourn with them.  We feel their loss significantly because he, like Matt, was a wonderful guy who faced incredible and devastating challenges over the past several years while his wife and children were helplessly caught up in the familial struggles which is cancer.  We wish them peace, much love and a hope to find laughter again when the days seem too dark to go on.

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