Fairy dust for little teeth

Elizabeth can finally say for certain that she has her first loose tooth.  It is on the bottom just off centre and it is wiggly wiggly to the point of almost hanging.  She loves to push on it with her tongue and she is rather patient about it falling out. She knows there is a reward from a “Tooth Fairy” who Elizabeth explained with a twinkle in her eye, “The Tooth Fairy is supposed to give you coins, a box for your tooth or toys,’ her eyebrows narrowed and she looked me straight in the eye, ‘I prefer the toy.”

One Reply to “Fairy dust for little teeth”

  1. Ha ha ha…very funny. Regan told me that Davis lost an incisor to a door knob recently. It broke into four pieces, each he said would be taken as a separate tooth by the tooth fairy. It will be several years before his natural adult tooth comes in so he’ll be going around with a whistle in his voice for a while. The tooth fairy left him $7.99…..lol. I guess that’s all the small cash available in the house. Happy New Year!

    Ev xoxo

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