Puppy Toys

“Mom! Look! Daisy, chewed my favourite horse!”

James held a small plastic horse with its head chewed into an unrecognizable shredded mess.

“See, it’s ruined.”

“Oh, James, that is very upsetting. That dog is a little terror sometimes. We have to put our favourite things away and remind her where her chew toys are.”

“Ya, ’cause this was my favourite toy. I had a lot of great adventures with this little guy. We went to the farm, and to Grandma’s, and one time to Quebec,” his face frowns as he looks down at his hand. “I guess, we’ll have to go to the Mous-tang store to get a new Mous-tang horse.”

“Is there a Mous-tang store?”

“Well, where do you think it came from?”

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