The wilds of Quebec

“Mommy, I am standing here quietly listening to the stampine coming up the mountain. It’s a stampine of werewolves, wild turkeys, bears and jaguars so you better go back inside the chalet.”

James, 5


Naughty Mouth


James runs into the room with his sisters running behind them naked except for a towel. Water drips off their legs leaving footprints along the wooden floor.

“MOM! James said the Son of a B word 3 times! He did!”

James’ lips tighten and he shouts back at them.

“No! I said it 6 times!”

Emma hard at work: Toy Story 4

Emma has loved Toy Story since she could tell us so. Her first memorable toy was Woody with Jesse, Bullseye and Buzz coming along shortly after him. They still hold a top spot in her room. So, when she was asked to work on this Alien Fishing Game by Disney, Emma was thrilled to spend a day on set with the Toy Story collection. Here is a photo of the box found in stores today.

Emma Toy Story Fishing box

Pancakes for All

“James, maybe you will see Mr Ainey tonight at Pancake supper.”

“Who is Mr Ainey, James?” asked Grandma.

“Oh, he lives with Mrs Ainey.”

Tiny Tangles

“Emma, please sit still while I brush your hair.”

“Owww!” she says, as she pulls her head away and puts her hand to the side of her head, “That is enough!” she declares.

“I have to finish brushing your hair. I’m sorry, you have a few tangles but we have to brush them out. Please sit still.”

She puts her hand down and sits up straight. I try to run the brush through her fine hair as gently as I can. A few strokes make it evenly down from the top of her head to the lengthy ends and she loosens up again. The brush catches again; a tiny tangle underneath much of her hair.

“Ow!” She slaps her hand back toward me moving the brush away.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I’m doing my best not to hurt you.”

“It doesn’t feel like you are doing your best!”