Latest viral thing…

So the kids are fascintated with the idea that one sound is heard differently by each person. I am referring to the Laurel and Yanny debate. In the time you read this you likely won’t remember Laurel and Yanny. I will remind you that you asked everyone what they heard whether it was at the bus stop or people passing by our house.

In our house it broke down like this:

Laurel – Mom

Yanny – Dad, Ellie, Emma and James


MapleLife Commercial

Emma had a lot of fun making this commercial despite being told she needed to fall while skiing so her “big brother can save her.”  Her response to the script presented was “Why can’t the boy fall and the girl saves him?” She may be writing her own scripts in the future. Well done, Emma!


All About My Mom by Emma for Mothers Day 18

The way she sees me. One answer is true and the rest are interesting.

Thank you, Emma, Ellie and James for being you. You are gems to me and I am proud to watch you grow and develop each and every day. While we all have bumps in the road, I believe you are on the right path. Remember to cherish each other and know you have a loving foundation on which to build your lives. ❤

We wish our grandma, Oma, aunts and friends a very Happy Mother’s day! Thank you for all you do for each of us! We are blessed. Xo

For the love of Lent

Ellie stared down at plate. Without hesitation she looked up and said, “Oh, I can’t eat asparagus tonight.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because I gave up all vegetables for Lent.”

Five is too early to hang up your skate dreams

Skating is a difficult sport to learn but like anything if you keep at it you will eventually fall less and glide more. That is what little Emma is hoping for this winter. This is her first year on skates and while she has quickly shifted from light green ski runs to black diamonds in less than a year, skating proves more challenging as she steps gingerly across the rink.
“I don’t like skating, Mama. I just spend the whole time crying in my helmet,” she says.
Still, she gets out there and mostly, I see a wide smile on her face. Go, Ems!